Three youths nabbed hunters in Mahishrekha area of Uluberia

Date – 13.03.22

Place – Uluberia, Howrah

Reported by – Pritish Krishna Chandra Sahu

A blast of hunters was nabbed by some youths of Mahishrekha area in Uluberia around 9 pm on Sunday. Sources said that the three youths named Chitrak, Mainak and Sushovon had gone to ride under the Mahishrekha bridge. Suddenly, the three youths saw the hunters carrying traditional weapons such as – spears, slingshots, bows, arrows, axes and knives while coming outside from the shack. They started to trace the hunters. The youths blockaded their routes without wasting any time. Immediately, the youths called in the forest officials as well as Uluberia police station to hand over the culprits.

Environmental worker Chitrak Pramanik said ” We had seized eight dead mongooses and one dead monitor lizard from them. Besides these, many more traditional weapons used by them were also seized”.

Meanwhile, the hunters are in the custody of forest department.

Prior to this heinous crime, NNT Correspondent spoke over telephone to Soumodip Mukherjee, Director of Bonyo India Foundation, a Kolkata-based non-profit working towards crime control and wildlife rescue. He said “These hunters use religion and culture as an excuse to go hunting. The activities are just for fun and not at all need driven. More awareness and strict exemplary punishments can only stop these”.


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