Swaach Vidyalaya Purashkar Training of 2021 -22 at BEO’S Office in Padmapur



Date – 11. 03.2022

Place – Padmapur, Rayagada, Odisha

Reported by – Pritish Krishna Chandra Sahu

The Swaach Vidyalaya Purashkar training of 2021-22 was held at BEO’s Office in Padmapur. It was an orientation cum training programme based on SVP. The highlighted topics which discussed were to ensuring 100% registration of all the government schools under block including private schools to participate in the swaach bharat purashkar. The dignitaries spoke about SVP, awareness of hygiene sanitation and covid protocols. They trained the teachers of different schools step by step regarding the description of all the categories such as purified water, toilet, behavioural changes and hand washing. On this day, more than fifty schools, including government and private took participation in this training programme. Snehasish Panda, Technical Consultant JE demonstrated how to use the hand wash kits. Besides these topics, girls’ hygienic education were also discussed. After finishing of the training programme, hand wash kits have been distributed along with training certificates to the trainees. The training programme was conducted in the presence of Subhash Chandra Sabar, BEO of Padmapur, Snehasish Panda, Technical Consultant JE, Nirmala Sahu, ABEO, Satyanarayan Naik, ABEO cum BRCC and Pannada Vishwanath, CRCC and Training Coordinator.


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