Two drivers of Padmapur nabbed by the Special Crime branch

Date – 09.03.2022

Place – Padmapur, Rayagada, Odisha

Reported by – Pritish Krishna Chandra Sahu

The Special Crime branch of Haryana Police nabbed two local cab drivers of Padmapur village in connection to the consingment of cannabis to different states of India. Sources said that it was an operation since long days to keep vigilance on these two cab drivers. The two cab drivers were nabbed in a filmy style. The Special Crime branch of Haryana were all in civil appearance. It came to know that they were tracking the two persons from Ganjam Border. Kashinath Sahu and Jaya Sahu were the cab drivers caught into the case. Keeping in mind, to escape from the police escorts, already the police task force had sealed all the district borders such as Ganjam, Gajapati, Koraput and Rayagada. It is not ascertained till now whether they would  remanded them into custody by lodging NDPS case and forwarded to the court. A special enquiry team consists of all the higher officials of Police station reached the Padmapur police station and discussion was going on regarding this aforesaid incident. They were interrogating them any more linkage persons regarding this case.

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